Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it!

This is what some of our existing customers have to say about the CellarBright™ Automated Beer Line Cleaning System:

The Wilmslow Royal British Legion whose CellarBright system was installed amonth ago have just had their monthly stocktake which revealed significant savings of the wastage normally created during the traditional line cleaning process.

Kevin Rowland, the Club Secretary said” I am very pleased with the results and with the positive feedback that we are receiving from the members some of whom wait for the lines to be cleaned, and watch the process with fascination, in order to get the “freshest pint” , a testimony to the effectiveness of the CellarBright system.”

The club were previously wasting £500 per month prior to installing the system which has reduced to £125, representing a saving of 75% during their first 4 weeks of using the system.

The Seaton Delavel Social Club in Northumberland is not only saving on wastage of approximately 150 pints per weekly line clean but members have commented on the improvement in the club’s beer.

Alison Curran, the Assistant Steward said “I think it is really great, much easier to use than the manual cleaning system and it takes a lot less time. There is less contact with the cleaning chemicals and other staff can be involved in the line cleaning process. Most of our customers have commented on the improvement in the quality of the beer and the club is saving an enormous amount of money that was previously wasted.

We have eagerly recommended the CellarBright System to other Social Clubs”

Alison Curran, Assistant Steward, Seaton Delavel Social Club.

Seaton Delavel Club were wasting £700 per month prior to installing the CellarBright system this has reduced to £150 per month representing a reduction of 78.5%.

“Just an update on the installation of your equipment.
We are seeing huge savings after installing the CellarBright Beer Line Cleaning system here at Greenside Working Men’s Club, the system is fantastic to the point that I can confidentially tell other clubs in my division what benefits we are achieving”.

Doug Brett – Secretary, Greenside and District Social Club

“The system is simple to use, I haven’t looked back at the old way I used to clean the lines, I don’t know how I used to put myself through the long arduous task of cleaning lines. It is great!.”

Richard- Steward, Greenside and District Social Club

Greenside and District Social Club were wasting £650 per month prior to installing the CellarBright system this has reduced to £150 per month representing a reduction of 79%.

“We were wasting £1600 per month now after the installation of the CellarBright Line Cleaning System they have reduced it to £350 per month. The quality of beer has been maintained if not improved, I wish we hadn’t stalled on the decision as we could have seen these huge savings sooner!!! .

John McDonough, Chairman, Throckley Union Jack, WMC

Throckley Union Jack Club were wasting between £1600 and £2000 per month prior to installing the CellarBright system this has reduced to between £250 and £350 per month representing a reduction of 81.75%.

“After some early little problems the system is working very well and is obviously saving the Club money.
The only very small problem that exists is in the Concert Room when on bingo nights the first “customers” are always ladies who drink tonic water, soda water and orange etc.
The first pints that are run off are then transferred to the Bar or Lounge and according to Linda none of these pints are wasted which is excellent.

Regarding the taste of beers and lagers I drink John Smith’s Magnet and the quality in the past 2 weeks has been really good. I have not received any complaints from members (in particular from good friends of mine who are known to be fussy !!! ) thus if you wish to use the Club’s name I will support you all the way.”

Joe Butler – Brotton Working Men’s Club, Saltburn.

“We are saving 3 out of 4 pints previously wasted and we are delighted with the system.

D.M., Bridgend Conservative Club, SouthWales

“We are now seeing real benefits and large savings.”

R.T, Cramlington, Northumberland

Holiday Inn Rotherham – “We were wasting £1800 per month which was unacceptable in this current climate, we approached CellarBright to advise us on how we could cut this down, we discussed the feasibility of using the system in our hotel and what true benefits it could bring. We eventually installed the system and have not looked back, instantly we saw a 65% saving, this will rise as we get used to the system. We have had comments on the quality of the product from our regulars, saying the beer has never tasted better. All in all it is a fantastic system.”

Kirk Stephenson – Manager Holiday Inn